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April 30, 2012

The 2012 Reunion came and went much too quickly. We are all agreed that this “Blast from the Past” definitely lived up to its hype. There was something for everyone and everything for someone. I’ve attempted to assemble photographs of the reunion stretching from April 11 to April 16 covering prequel to farewells. Contributions are drawn from the official photographer (thanks Selva), Kok Wai Sum, Caroline and Ean Keong, Steven Yen, Toby, and Gary Lai. Thanks guys.

Personally, two things about this reunion really stood out:

1) There were many newly re-connected alumni who had not been to any of the previous reunions. It was joyous to meet up and talk about old days and new things.

2) The reunion held over several days in Ipoh contributed to much more face-time and opportunities to catch up and reminisce. It also allowed us to re-discover and get to know each other much better.

Post-reunion comments were all positive, without exception. One particular remark referenced “a magical moment” shared by a select few at the Hockey Club House. Knowing Mike Pang from the old days, I just knew he had to be responsible! And the vision of a skimpily clad and athletic Wai Sum refereeing the netball game will forever be imprinted in my mind. I am still reliving the few days we spent together and looking forward to future opportunities to meet up. The hospitality, affection, and warmth extended to us were very touching, meaningful, and much appreciated. At this stage of our lives, it’s old friendships that really count.

There’s already a debate about the frequency and when the next reunion should be. A lot depends on the commitment and dedication of the local organizers. The overseas contingent can only contribute in spirit and cheer from the sidelines. We are especially thankful to Caroline and Ean Keong for making this 2012 Reunion possible. I am sure we can all appreciate the significant groundwork and behind the scenes efforts to pull the entire program of multiple events together. It wasn’t just an evening like the previous reunions. So join me in congratulating Caroline and Ean Keong for their most splendid effort on our behalf. Bravo!

Finally, I would like to convey a message from Oon Eng Hock, School Captain 1967, who expressed regrets that he could not attend due to urgent commitments. He had initially planned to come on Saturday night. I had the opportunity to meet with him and can confirm that his mind is as sharp as ever. He gave up aeronautics quite a while back and has moved into what he is doing now with a great deal of passion.


November 12, 2011

Announcing the 2012 Anderson School alumni reunion organized by the classes of 1967-1970. The two-day fest is scheduled for April 13-14, 2012. Classmates committed to attending include many returning from overseas: UK, USA, Canada, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. Honored guests include our former teachers: Dato Selvamany, Mr. Vincent Lee, Mr. Tan Seng Seong, Mr. Eddy Chin, Mrs. Kok Li Hwee, Mrs. Soon Cheng Aik, Cikgu Nadzar, and others.

The lead organizer is Caroline Wong Mee Yong class of 68-69, USS3. She is assisted by Yim Poh Wah, class of 69-70, USS2. Please feel free to contact them for more information and latest updates. Event news will be posted at this web site and on Facebook under Anderson School Ipoh 1967-1970.

ASI Grand Reunion for Class of 1967-1970, friends and loved ones.
Venue: Back to school – ASI. Date 13th-14th April 2012.
Organized by class 67/69:
Head Honcho: Caroline Lee (for class 67/69)
Yim Poh Wah (for class 68/70)
Darren Teh (for class 66/68)
Merlyn (for class 65/67)
Anwar Hassan (for class 60/62 ).
Lots of activities planned. Meet the teachers. Walk the corridors, have fun!

New! ASI 2012
Reunion Program

July 25, 2009

Well, it’s been almost 11 months since the last update was posted to this website. My apologies for the lapse. My excuses are many and you’ve all heard them all before -- heavy work load, heavy travel schedule, and hard disk crash. The latter took me a while to recover form and even then not completely. Anyhow, I hope this update fins everyone in the best of spirits, health, and recovering in wealth from the 2008 economic crisis.

Apologies too for the delay in publishing the Feb 2009 reunion photos. Looks like the quality of the experience made up for the small number of attendees. I was a late cancellation due to the long period between CNY, our reunion, and the official ASI reunion celebrations.

Yosemite - besides El Kapitan, Half Dome, ... it’s spectacular views galore, beautiful waterfalls, great weather, clean air - just makes you feel great to be alive!

Work has brought me to Singapore 4 times in the last few months and I have grown to like the city. The skyline is really beautiful, people are friendly, and just a great place to do business.  This picture, taken  from my hotel balcony, is a most impressive view from the Marina.